Speech by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman at the closing session of the Nobel Laureates of Physics Summit - Germany

I greet all of you, dear, to stand before this gathering of the great minds that are making the most important progress in science and life. It is a great honor for me and I am filled with a sense of happiness and I share with you this meeting which has become the most important annual event in the world scientific community. 

This open communication in Lindau every year is a microcosm of the radical changes brought about by modern physics in our concepts and perceptions of science, life and the universe.
Science has been connected to life, and referred to the human mind by the continuous scientific revolutions during the last hundred years in mainly modern physics, and the other sciences.
This openness and communication between Nobel-winning scientists and young scientists, along with diverse young and multi-stakeholder participants, makes this annual event in Lindau a leading position reflecting the state of science in today's world.
Today, the development of science put an end to all solid perceptions. The perceptions of life began to change in parallel with scientific revolutions that presented new and revolutionary perceptions of the universe, matter and life.
With the advent of modern physics that created scientific revolutions and technological developments in the past hundred years, which reached its peak at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, and the resulting scientific discoveries of technological and technological changes that have changed the nature of our lives and our reality, scientific discoveries reflected their effects this time elsewhere that is more important than technical and technological development.
Technology is no longer the goal of science and its most important fruit as before.
The development of modern physics and modern science restored the "soul" of the scientific community.
The deaf and rigid boundaries between artificial diodes were a reflection of mechanical science and its mechanical axioms. Today the borders between modern physics and the rest of sciences are gradually shifted. The boundaries between science and life, and between natural sciences and other sciences dissolve in the fields of knowledge and philosophy.
The walls that isolated science from the changing essence of life and its isolation from man as a singular being - the center of evolution as a living being and the culmination of creative evolution – has collapsed.
Today, man regains his position with every step that science advances in its creative renewal.
Just as the incomplete nature of science is confirmed that it is open to a renewable space of possibilities and discoveries that are capable to radically alter its classical axioms and radically alter our perceptions, the vital and unstable character of everything is also open for change. Change is the law of life. Just as science has assumptions that transcend itself continuously in the minds of successive generations of scientists, man, his thinking, perceptions and reality is a changing, open and evolving state.
We are, "everyone", there is no separation between our feelings and our feelings, and the structure of our brains and our bodies. There is no separation between science and man. This mutual and interrelated influence should inspire us to fruitful communication that enriches our visions and our relations and dialogues in events such as this one that brought us together today.
We all belong to today's world. A world without isolation and inertia, in science as in life.
Your dazzling scientific discoveries affect everything around you in today's world. From life and reality to philosophy, thought, social and psychological sciences.
The nature of science you are leading today poses questions that go far beyond the "question of the machine" and go beyond the potential technical achievements of every scientific development.
The major philosophical questions about the universe, life and man are now in line with the course of the development of natural sciences.
It is before you today, linked to your research. The philosophy of science intertwined with the development of science and research.
The restoration of human beings in modern science reinforces our belief in the supreme value of man and the sanctity of his rights to freedom, dignity, democracy and his right to justice, equality and decent living.
In our countries, new ignorant tyrants offer a model of brutality, injustice and breaching the life. Regimes that are similar to middle ages and pre-state and pre-law era. They kill tens of thousands of their citizens in order to terrorize their societies with arbitrariness and genocide. They spread terror and fear and besiege millions of people in order to humiliate and subjugate them.
They faced the revolutions of our Arab Spring with extermination. Wealthy Saudi Arabia and its ally, the United Arab Emirates, have worked on a wicked blueprint for a counter-revolution in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Egypt and finally Sudan. They supported coups. They supported sectarian militias and extremist terrorist groups to turn the promise of revolutions into a bloody hell.
I should have made a brief reference to what is happening to us in today's world. And to affirm our continuity in the struggle for freedom, rights, dignity, justice and equality. For a life in which man moves forward, not to go back to the times of injustice, tyranny, dictatorships and annihilation.
I greet you from the bottom of my heart.
I pay tribute to this city of Lindau, which has presented itself and continues to be an incubator for an outstanding annual global event that has had its history and significant impact on the global scientific community.